Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No pictures of the Great Game and Dancing Queen!

Ok, We haven't been able to get pictures/video on the blog, so I better just tell you whats up.
On April 12, 2008 Conners Football team the "HAVOC" won 27 to 0--yahoo!!! Kenzie took Queen in her division @ the Roy competition, now she has a break until the first weekend in May.
Conner had a game last saturday and played the BIG boys from Bingham and lost :( 21 to 7, we'll win next time, he doesn't have a game til about the middle of May, now.
So since we have a weekend without kids stuff, Jason and I going to go to Vegas for a little getaway.
I'll get some pictures up soon. :)

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snowwhiteor said...

Sharon...where are ya, man. No posts in over two weeks. Don't you know you have a loyal blog following?