Monday, April 7, 2008

Dance Pictures and Football

Last Friday was a great night for the dancers @ Rocky Mountain Dance. Maylee (my neighbor and Mickie future daughters name--way future) took first place in her 7 year old division. Last year I told May that she do a solo to "Let them be little" and wear purple and she did. She is so cute, we love to watch her.
Kenzie, Brandi, and Kelsey( in the Red and Black and in my car pool for dance, her mother says I spoil Kelsey and it makes her mom look bad, :)) were stretching and getting ready for their turn to dance. Kenzie and Kelsey had 7 girls in their division to compete against (2 others from their studio). Kenzie danced to "All that Jazz" and Kelsey danced to ". At the end of the night Kelsey took 1st ( by 1 point) and Kenzie 2nd. They were so happy for each other. Kenzie received a perfect score (100) from one of the 3 judges, that doesn't happen very often. We all had a really good night. :)
Pictures of Kenzie dancing, taken by Maddie Warr:
On Saturday, RMD had team competition, Kenz was in 3 dances. their ballet took 2nd best of show, hip hop took 1st best of show, and jazz took superior.
Before, I went to Kenzie's Team comp. Jason and I went to Conner's first arena football game. they get to play High School rules, so they get to kick extra points :), they game didn't turn out to well Conner's team got beat really "BAD"!!! but it was fun, maybe next week will be better.
Next dance comp. Saturday, April 12th in Roy and Football Saturday @ 11am. Another fun filled Saturday for us. :)


Will said...

OK, you CAN'T post a football pic like that without letting us know which one Conner is! Oh, and Maylee's getting so big (sniff) . . .

Kristin said...

Wow congrats Kenz! Second place!

Humm, well hopefully next game for Conner will turn out a lot better.

snowwhiteor said...

Glad to see the new Blog spot!

Congrats to Kenz!

And next time...Con!!