Monday, May 12, 2008

David Archuleta---Rocks Our World @ Meridian

Friday, May 9th was D-DAY! (Davied Archuleta Day) in Murray, Utah.
We at Meridian Title wanted to show our support of the local celebrity by making a sign for everyone to see :) (sign compliments of Laura Lewis), we had a lot more balloons but the wind popped a few. We hope that David goes all the way to the new American Idol. Go DAVID!!!!

I dont have any pictures yet, but for Mothers day Jason and I went to the Jazz/Laker playoff game (thanks to a Sunday game and my bestest boss' Darrell, Jim and Allan)! It was so great, the best game we could have gone too. Most of the cast of High School Musical (1,2,and 3) where there to support alittle Jazz but mostley the Lakers at the game (they are in town filming #3 @ East High School), Niki Kearns got their autographs for her daughter Maddie (She loves Zac) and my friend Tess took pictures at the game and of the celebrities and is emailing them to me ( I told her to submit them to "People"). Least to say I had a very nice Mothers day. My wonderful kids gave me cards and straightened up my house and took me to dinner. I love them and Jason, too.

We'll I Hope you all had a great Mothers Day, too!

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Kristin said...

Nice sign! That is to funny.

I am gald your mothers day was fun. I was stuck disc golfing of all things :)alppmg